New Capital Computer Plaza is acknowledged as "Akihabara" of Hong Kong. It is a paradise which is full of treasures for the computer enthusiast, a platform for second-hand trades as well as the preferred choice of digital electronics maintenance.


Professional Maintenance

Laptop, Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair

Software Support

Data Recovery, System or Software Upgrade

Computer Trades

Assembly, Retail, Wholesale and Secound-hand Trades of Computer, Accessories as well as Software

Other Services

Trades of Wireless Eelectronics, Audio Visual, Photography Equipment, Network and Security Engineering, etc


Professional computer repair, data recovery, second-hand trades, computer assembly, hardware and software upgrades, laptops, phones repair, tablet maintenance, technical support, computer accessories, network security engineering, audio visual equipment, cameras trades as well as machine hiring service, etc are all available in this plaza. Each customer could definitely satisfy their own need here.

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